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In the heart of the British Columbian countryside, I grew up harbouring secret dreams of producing great music on record and onstage, but my fear of inadequacy and my Dad’s stern expectations silenced my aspirations. It’s a good thing that fate intervened. It led me to a choir in Vancouver where I discovered courage and opportunity. Despite lacking formal training, I seized the chance to pursue music professionally. Despite my doubts, I went ahead and took a daunting entrance exam for the UBC School of Music with only 3 hours total to prepare myself. With determination and a newfound belief in my abilities, I secured a spot at music school, marking the first step towards realizing my dreams!

As I immersed myself in music education, I confronted my own disorganized aspirations and learned the fine art of music production, both live and recorded. Balancing my new career with family and a fruit retail business I owned, I faced setbacks again and again. I remained steadfast in my commitment to music, even though the setbacks were strong, especially that of my own wavering self confidence. When life threw unexpected challenges, including caring for my ailing father, I temporarily set aside my musical ambitions. Yet, with unwavering support from my wife GV and my friend, Chris Verhagen, I returned to my passion, completing my debut EP, “Urge Me” even though there were many odds against me.

"Urge Me" is a potent mix progressive roots: with soul, funk, country, and gospel influences, my music is a reflection of my countryside past and urban present.

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